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Healthy hair takes many things but most importantly it takes a commitment.


It's a commitment you make to yourself to be accountable for the crown sitting on top of your head.  As Black women, we have the most beautiful hair that truly comes in many textures.  Our hair should be embraced and cared for with love and intention.  I stress over and over the importance of committing to a healthy hair regiment, product usage and seeing the process through. Over the course of my career, I fell in love with helping women in the journey of obtaining and maintaining healthy hair.  


Sis I feel you, hair health can be a lengthy process depending where you are starting from and I will meet you where you are.    I understand there are tons of YouTube tutorials, product choices and new hair trends to keep up with but let's start with a simplified process and go from there.


What does "I committed" stand for?


Committing to the health of your hair. This is a form of self care.

Committing to the time, patience, money and process it may require.

Committing to staying the course even when you are frustrated.

Committing to trimming your hair as needed.

Committing to giving yourself grace as you go through this journey.


1. How many products do I have under my sink and have I stuck with a regiment long enough to know if they truly work?


2.  How much time can I commit to doing my hair?  


3.  What type of unique factors am I dealing with?  This would be things like medications, hormone imbalances, water intake, hereditary issues,  stress, scalp conditions and so on.


Coming to the salon is cool and all but it is a relationship between you and your stylist.  As your stylist, I am here to guide you and give you professional services but what you do between services is extremely important.  That's where the "I committed" part comes in!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

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